Student Motor Bikes


Parent/Guardian permission is required before bringing machine on campus


Student may bring motor bikes to the college for the purpose of riding them on the school motocross track.


Two wheel motorbikes only.

Motor bikes must meet MWA (Motorcycling WA) scrutineering standards. Motorbikes will be checked on arrival at the college and periodically thereafter.

Throttles must self-return and have a free action No fluid leaks
Brake and clutch free play and effectiveness No sharp edges or any damage
Wheel and frame bearing to be in proper order A means of identification of the bike
Spokes must be of uniform tension, no broken or missing spokes Handle bar ends must be plugged and free from cracks and sharp points
Approved spark arrestor in the muffler, not unreasonably loud All levers must have ‘ball’ ends
Rider’s buddy to complete a prestart check prior to each ride and after any crash. Chain adjusted correctly


All motor bikes will be stored in the approved storage location. Students will not be able to access the storage area without authority from staff.


Whilst riding, students must wear

            Australian approved helmets in good condition

            Long pants, long sleeves, gloves, goggles and motorcycle boots.

Neck brace and full upper body armour recommended


Depending on the nature of the work and with permission from the Automotive Instructor, motor bikes may be worked on in the Automotive workshop to assist with student training and progress towards qualification completion.

Students may bring their own tools and parts for personal repairs but these must be stored in the approved storage location with the motor bike. No parts or tools are to be stored in the residential area.

Fuel will be supplied by the student and must be stored in approved container with the motor bike in the approved storage location.

Motor bikes may on be washed in approved areas and the area left clean and tidy.


Student will only ride their motor bikes under the supervision of a staff member who will escort the riders to and from the track and remain at the track whilst it is in use. The supervising staff member may not necessarily be expert or accredited in motorcycling but will have some experience and capacity to identify clearly dangerous behaviour and hold authority to direct students.

Students will ride their motor bikes from the approved storage location to the track in front of and at the same speed as the escort vehicle.


Spectators may be present at the track. They will travel with the staff member and spectate from the designated spectator area.



An assessment will be made of each student’s riding ability to ensure they are competent in the use of their motor bike. Students will be expected to ride three laps of the course, wheels on the ground, to demonstrate their proficiency.

Learner riders and experienced riders will not ride on the track at the same time.

The track is to be ridden in a clockwise direction only.

Riders are not to cut corners or make any changes to the track.

The track is only to be ridden in daylight hours (whilst the sun is up) depending upon availability of supervision and given appropriate weather conditions and fire restrictions. Weekends – no riding before 10am.

Maximum of five (5) riders on the track at any one time.

Rides will be 10 minute practise sessions with 5 minute change over.

The track is for practice purposes only – not racing.

Riders are to ride at their own ability level.

If riders see another rider has fallen off they are to stop and lend assistance to remove them from the track to prevent a collision or further injury. The supervising staff member must be informed.

Irresponsible and dangerous riding practices are not permitted and students involved will be banned from the track for a period of time. These behaviours include: interfering with other students motorbikes, cutting across corners in front of another rider, un-necessary/excessive tail gating.


Students must hold a valid and current college farm licence.

Students must be on good status to access the track as a rider or a spectator.

Students must sign in and out through the residential duty room.

At least one observer will be at the track in addition to the staff supervisor.

The owner of the motor bike is the only person allowed to ride it.

Students breaching these requirements will lose the opportunity to have a motorbike on site and/or ride the motorbike on the track either permanently or a period of time.


Motorcycling has inherent risk and accidents can occur leading to severe consequences, potentially death.

Riders and their parents must hold personal health insurance and ambulance cover


Staff supervising will carry a mobile phone and air horn for emergency signaling

In the event of an accident,

  • All riding will stop- emergency signal- continuous blast on air horn
  • The injured rider will be provided first aid.
  • Contact will be made to the duty room and/or senior staff on call.
  • Decision will be made about contacting ambulance (000) or transfer to hospital A&E by staff or other first aid
  • Parents contacted
  • Accident report completed




I give permission for my son/daughter_______________________________________

     (Student Name)

to bring a motor bike to WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin for use at the college track


  • I have read the guide-lines for use of motorbikes at the College and agree to the College expectations.
  • I have am aware of the condition of the track and its potential hazards and I confirm that my child has the necessary skills to use the track in a safe manner.
  • I understand that the track is not accredited by any authority and that students using the track are not covered by any external or Department of Education insurance arrangements.
  • I accept that any injury to my child or any damage to the motor bike is not the responsibility of the college or the Department of Education unless proven that college staff negligence was the cause.
  • I hold appropriate health insurance and ambulance cover for my child.
  • I accept that students with motor bikes will be expected from time to time to assist in maintaining the track to a reasonable standard.

SIGNED: ________________________________                      DATE _____________________




SIGNED: ________________________________                      DATE _____________________



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