This term, Mrs Jackie Bellotti and the College Chaplain, Karren Gow, have been facilitating a program called “SenseAbility” with Year 10 Health Ed students.

The course content and activities delivered to the classes have been well received by all students. It has been extremely pleasing to see the students engaging through class discussions, role plays and outside activities.

The aim of the program is to:

  • Build resilience by developing social and emotional skills
  • Tapping into what skills the students already have and by building onto these
  • Improving relationships, mental health, self-awareness and providing strategies for positive change and benefits to the students well-being
  • Provides education on thinking styles, monitoring self-talk and how we think about events and how this can affect the way we feel and act.

The topics covered -

  • Helpful thinking & self-talk
  • Emotion recognition & regulation
  • Life problem-solving
    • Effective communication—including communication barriers, reading body language and assertiveness skills.


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